“However strange and unexpected the prospect before our eyes, it never seems to take us wholly by surprise; there is an echo within ourselves answering each new impression.” Delacroix
the sea has many voices (sold)
the death of fire and water
silence of autumn flowers (sold)
Galleria Pictor Jaakko Luoma, Matti Tegelman
Galleria Pictor Mervi Kinnarinen, Susanne Helasvuo
Anni Haapaniemi, poem reader

KAIKU I think that art and music are two sides of the same coin, each touches us at that moment in our consciousness before words form. That is the moment we recognize ourselves, not only as a painter or musician, but also as the observer and listener.
Each musician chose one painting which resonated within them in an emotional way. After they chose "their" painting, the musician chose a piece of music which will echo the emotions the painting brings to them. These pieces were arranged into three concerts which were performed in Galleria Pictor by the musicians themselves, making the process for the musicians, the artist, and the audience a very personal experience of recognition of a different version of themselves and of the performers.
Participants in KAIKU
Jonathan Roozeman Lauri Rantamoijanen cello
Asko Heiskanen Harri Mäki clarinet
Jaakko Luoma bassoon, saxophone
Jukka Rantamäki Kati Rantamäki violin
Tuukka Vihtkari Otto Virtanen bassoon
Mervi Kinnarinen Susanne Helasvuo violin
Atte Kilpeläinen viola
Tarja Luoma producer
Matti Tegelman bass
Pekka Tegelman Jaku Havukainen guitar
Harri Kivi printing
Eeva Tervala, poetry
Anni Haapaniemi, poem recitation
Marja Sannikka, juontaja
all works oil on canvas