The Goldberg Variations

Aria ( collection of the artist)
Variation 1 ( collection of the artist)
Variation 2 (sold)
Variation 3 (sold)
Variation 4
Variation 5 (sold)
Variation 6 ( sold)
Variation 7 (sold)
Variation 8 (sold)
Variation 9 (sold)
Variation 10
Variation 11 (sold)
Variation 12 (sold)
Variation 13 (sold)
Variation 14
Variation 15 (sold)
Overture (sold)
Variation 17
Variation 18
Variation 19 (sold)
Variation 20 (sold)
Variation 21 (sold)
Variation 22 (sold)
Variation 23 (sold)
Variation 24 ( sold)
Variation 25 ( collection of the artist )
Variation 26
Variation 27
Variation 28 (collection of the artist)
Variation 29
Quodlibet (sold)
Aria da capo ( collection of the artist)

The Goldberg Variations
30x 40cm oil/ wood
32 oil paintings on wood panel, inspired by the Goldberg Variations of J.S.Bach.
In 2018 I was invited by Kati Raitinen to be the guest visual artist of the
Äntligen måndag! chamber music series in Stockholm. Our collaboration inspired this series of 32 paintings, one for each movement, to be projected during the concert performance. As a visual concept to encompass Bach's masterpiece of symmetry and emotion I chose this photo of Instanbul, taken from the ISS on the 9th of August, 2012. Here Europe meets Asia, split by the river Bosphorus which has been flowing since prehistory. But it is our humanity which has given it the contours that underline a new geography.
NASA instanbul 12.3.2018

Goldberg Variations partners

Äntligen måndag! Kati Raitinen

Tapiola Sinfonietta/Sellosali/GalleriaAHJO

Urjala Soikoon/Red Brick Gallery

Irina Zahharenkova/Virtaa-Klubi Kriittinen Korkeakoulu/Frank Wilczek /Ateneum art museum auditorium

Janne Rättyä/Lapland Chamber Music Festival

Riihimäki Summer Festival/Riihimäki art museum

Lilla Villan/ Tapiola Woodwind quartet

Crusell Music Festival Tapiola Woodwind quartet /Taivassalo Pyhän Ristin kirkko