•  Alchemy 60x60. X

    Alchemy 60x60. X

  •  Blindsight 80x120 X

    Blindsight 80x120 X

  •  Icarus   X

    Icarus X

  •  deeper than dreams 40x40 X

    deeper than dreams 40x40 X

  •  odalisk 20x25. X

    odalisk 20x25. X

  •  rapture 70x100. X

    rapture 70x100. X

  •  angela 30x40  X

    angela 30x40 X

  •  awake 25x30. X

    awake 25x30. X


An exhibition which took place in Galleria BÉ 19, focusing on drawing and painting from live models. This series explores the part of the drawing process which is purely instinctive, when the hand does things before the brain can even register them in consciousness. As the science of consiousness and neurology makes more discoveries each year, I find this area of study truly fascinating.