Bach Sketches

Bach Sketch for the Lapland Chamber Music Festival
Janne Rättyä, accordion
Harri Mäki , clarinet

Korona Kollektiivi Bach Sketch # 16 Riitta Pesola, cello

Bach Sketch #15
Susanne Helasvuo, violin and Janne Aalto, cello

Bach Sketches was a project begun in 2020 during the Covid-19 epidemic. It was at first a way to keep contact with my colleagues in the Tapiola Sinfonietta after our normal concerts were cancelled in the spring of 2020. Later versions found a larger audience in the Korona Kollektiivi exhibition in Galleria AHJO and with the Lapland Chamber Music festival virtual concerts.
I do all of these sketches "in real time" as if they were a croquis drawing exercise. It was a fun challenge to time the completion of the drawing with the completion of the taped performance, matching mood and music as well as my own expression. The music of Bach and plant motifs were a natural combinaton, as were the simple tools of ink, brush, and charcoal.
You can find the entire set of Tapiola Sinfonietta Bach Sketches on my YouTube channel
Janne Rättyä
Tapiola Sinfonietta