Bridget Allaire is an American-born artist who lives and works in Finland. She paints abstract works in oils, using a vocabulary hinting at the movement of light in Finnish nature. She also is an accomplished orchestral musician and often combines the two art forms in her collaborative art projects with musicians and orchestras.

The colours of Bridget Allaire's palette produce a space that is the result of the collisions and combinations of lines and surfaces. The artist asserts and yet at the same time circumvents something while she works, shuttling within a symbiosis of different art forms. Musicality melts into the painting, sounds thrive within the image. The paintings, with their rhythmically sure, uninhibited emotional reflections, are demanding. The lines and colours don't follow their normal paths, but rather roam as primal forces, revealing a gateway into form. This gives us a glimpse of our humanity,
a landscape, or an abstract world. "

text by Eeva Tervala, translated by Bridget Allaire

photo by Antti Kangassalo